Hill Yeah

10 other runners, ruckers and bikers joined the QIC for a 45 minute peak to peak day.

It was great to see Loveboat back and still very strong. Running the hills like it was nothing. Hop hunter and sterling also looked strong as always. QIC tried sprinting up the hills….which proved to be a little much and turned to more walking than I wanted. Mash was a beast and was running backwards up the hills….which looked fun! I think it was called a Bernie run or something ?!  We had a Hokie Pokie sighting and he was really there this time keeping Honey Do company as they kept a solid pace.
Tired Torch made an appearance to ruck but we are not sure if he napped at all or walked the whole time. Bikers were Spaz, Turbine and Uecker. Also great to have them back after some stellar 24 hour of botty work!  Nice work today fellas!

2nd day of iron Q in the books!  Thanks for allowing me to lead.

– Sir Topham