Lazy KTown Tour

9 other pax members joined the QIC for a tour of Ktown. Some areas great….some not so much. Squid, Big Country, Gunny,The Burgh, Steel Canno, Phidipidees, Cupid, look me up and Grandmaster.

It was a hot and humid summer Saturday morning in Ktown. We mosey off and took off toward the loop. Stopped for warmarama for 15 SSH, 15 Smurf jacks and 15 plank jacks. 10 IST and 10 BDSN.

now it was time to tour Ktown with some running and pain stations

we stopped just shy of the loop for a little inch work merkin work from pole to pole…it was a fun start.

jogged down to next section close to the road to tease the morning passer bys woth some W’s and monkey humpers!  Finished off with some merkons

on to the Goldston for some steep hill work. Quadraphelia up the hill. Karaoke at the top and jog down into the park. Into the park we did 2 round of 10 pull up and 10 step ups each leg.

next was a stop at the train station for some Thomas the Train and Sir Topham work. Core killers were a fail and ever bitched so I went to the next favorite of KGB’s.

We took off again out there of the park to the Dollar store.  Like most folks in Kannapolis we got our work in behind the Dollar store in Kannapolis. Good news is the workout is free so F3 is cheaper than the dollar store!  Who knew!! We did some LBC and Hello Dollys.

off to our favorite street Vance ost folks thought we were doing sprints but it was better  we did 15 shoulder tap merkins. We’re we done! Nope…a few felt it was time but we had to go to our infamous bathrooms!  We oerformed 15 Dips IC.  Ran up to the research plant next for flutter kicks  30 IC.  Mary was called

mary – 4 minutes so spare and we spend some good time stretching.

prsyers: for those riding in the booty ride and runners in the 42 miles run in concord. Kannon AO anniversary is coming up. Plan is for August 20th.

it was a pleasure to lead a great group of men!
Sir Topham