The Swill

I looked back at my old post and this intro was my last one about a year ago, guess to whom it refers and see how some things never change!!

So i had this planned and lo and behold our inglorious MQ whines he wants to do the workout, so i not so happily indulged him and catered to his futile capabilities to construe a new workout, and wouldn’t you know it oh i have such a headache i cant make it ????? WTHeck but per usual his absence has caused an increase in our numbers so all is well!!

To all this workout is on him!!!!!!

Warm O Rama

Start HOT! No Warm O!


So I decided to Q since it was open. It may have been a bad choice to lead a Run Day as I have been out almost 10 months and will nit be near the front, but O Well! Surely there are enough I wont be alone! Lo and BeHOld half of the PAX drop to Run the Village (well 2 run, 1 tricycle, and 1 limp)  and I am stuck with 3 Stallions GREAT!!! These jerks caused me to run a 9:10 1st mile which is way to ambitious at this juncture and I payed for it. My pace slowed greatly as the scurried off into the darkness! They did check on mr occasionally to see if I was alive! But we went over the river and thru the woods and with NO time to spare arrived back at the AO! The Village people were eagerly awaiting us! Toppy and Burg ran speedily thanks to Monty for hanging with me!



No time for DAT!

I was out for quite awhile and Tho my battle is still ongoing you guys continue to check on me! Thanks it does Help! I needed to be back so I got back and it has made things better for me mentally and physically! Continue to Pray for me and my family!

Prayers to PAX we all are battling something lean on each other brutha! and lean on the Lord! but do not lean on yourself!

oh and drink WATER!!!!!