Call them out and they will come!

QIC made what most would call a long pre-blast. But….it seemed to motivate the pax!  We had. 13 strong today. Ruckers were Gunny, loafer, Grandmaster and Big Tuna. Runners were QIC, Heisenberg, The Burgh, The Big Show, Big Country, Cupid, Squid, Look me up and Backdraft

A good strong showing and I think everyone got over 4 miles and right at 5. QIC called it with a backdraft temporarily taking his own path, big show pushing hard to become tiny Tim. Cupid was shirtless in all his bright white Glory. Look me up was laaaazzzer focused!  Big country and Heisenberg encouraged one another. Squid, The Burgh we’re definitely sweating along with QIC. Ruckers did an excellent job and getting back on time while getting several miles in

prayers: Cupid traveling this week as well as Risky business.
It was hot and muggy but still a pleasure to lead!

Sir Topham