Math is hard but we got to 600

Pax: Grandmaster, Big Tuna

QIC: The Big Show

After a little prerun to test out his new kicks YHC brought a little weight day Q!

WARMARAMA: Arm Circles, Windmills and ISTs got the blood flowing and the engines warmed up.

600 reps: Inspired by his race weekend experience, the QIC led two other PAX in a 600 inspired Q. It began with 15 reps of the following: Merkins, curls, skull crushers, shoulder press, squats, and WWIIs. Repeat it. On set 3 we added 5 more reps per exercise and hit them all one more time. The QIC thought that put us at 400 reps but math is not easy in the gloom. In fact we were only halfway to 600. No fear, 50 reps of Freddie Mercurys and calf raises put us at 400 then we did it again to get to 500.  Fielding some advice from his fellow PAX the last 100 reps included a final set of merkins, curls, skull crushers, shoulder presses, squats and WWIIs followed by 30 lunges per leg. Sure maybe we overdid it but the 600 mile race was 618 miles so who’s counting? We finished up with a nice stretch.

COT: Prayers for all who are traveling.

Third Q for the Big Show. Dale would be proud to know three sweaty beasts made themselves better today.


The Big Show.