The Hard Way or The Easy Way

9 of F3-Afton’s finest joined YHC for a cool morning at Dorton Park on this Saturday.  Thankfully, the PreBlast of having to make a choice between the ‘hard’ way or the ‘easy’ way didn’t scare away the crowd.  We had a couple of runners (Uecker & Ringo) that joined the fun at 0600 and we we’re missing a few of our regulars as they slayed the Craft Beer 1/2 marathon.

Here’s how today’s beatdown went down (inspired by our MQ):

A quick disclaimer by YHC at 0700 and around the Dorton parking lot we mosey’d before circling up for a little warm-o-rama.  A good old fashioned Indian run with one burpee for the PAX in the rear was the get the blood-flowing starter exercise.

Upon returning to the Dorton lot, we grabbed a cinder block each and headed across the street for to the Atrium building for the main event.  The PAX partnered-up and got to make the choice of HARD or EASY… YHC has two containers with 10 HARD exercises in one, and 10 EASY exercises in the other.  One set of partners chose an exercise from either container that the remaining PAX had to knock-out while the choosing partners ran a building lap… and SO ON until all 20 exercises were complete.

After returning the blocks to their home, we tackled one more Indian Run with a burpee around the Dorton Park big loop before gathering in the shelter for some step-ups and then a round of Mary.

Announcements included a gathering next Thursday 3/31 at casa de @bigblue.

Prayers lifted for a family member of @guinness and the family of Walter Charles (Crossroads former Worship Pastor) as he was laid to rest this morning.

Thankful, as always, for a chance to lead gentlemen!  It’s indeed my pleasure.