Shoulders Like Boulders

14 PAX joined YHC and embraced the suck of a chilly morning out at Dorton Park … Here’s how it went down…

At 0530, a quick disclaimer was given and around the Dorton parking lot for two laps before circling up for the warm-o-rama: (20) SSHs IC, (10) Windmills IC, (15) Penny Pickers IC, (10) Imperial Storm Troopers & Arm Circles (front & back).

  • PAX mosey’d down the pathway to the tennis courts… lining up on one side of courts.  Instructions were given for a 10-round, ladder set of exercises with a jog across the tennis courts after each round of exercises was completed. (see below photo for the 10-round breakdown).


PAX finished up Round 10 around 0610 and mosey’d to the shelter for a session with Mary.


  • THIS SATURDAY Feb 19th (following the beatdown) – Creek Clean-up at Dorton
  • Thursday Feb 24th – Buzzed Viking for some

Prayer Requests:
– Prayer for the family of the young girl who lost her life in the car accident this past Sunday near All Saints Episcopal.

Always appreciate the opportunity to lead, men! #ironsharpensiron