A 12 PAX for the 12 Christmas Drills

When YHC signed up to Q the Friday Cardio, @disaster had the brilliant idea to move the start time from 5:30 am to 7:00 am.  With that said, a 12 PAX showed up in order to burn some calories before replenishing over Christmas.  Thanks to @mandown for bringing in the festive mood with his decorated truck covered in Christmas light.  A full disclaimer was given followed by a mosey toward middle school back lot while doing cariocas.  We then circle up for Warmarama.

PAX:  @shazam, @Man Down, @Ow, @disaster, @snowsuit, @moscow Mule, @illuminati, @avalanche, @memento, @klean up, @pavarotti, @poutine

Q:  @poutine


  1. Mummy           X19 IC
  2. Skiers          x12 IC
  3. Heisman         x12 IC
  4. Elf Jacks       x12 IC         Ouch!
  5. Weed Picker     x12 IC


  1. High knees
  2. Lateral high knees
  3. In-out
  4. Lateral in-out
  5. Icky shuffle
  6. One foot hop


  1. Low shuffle across parking lot – 10 jump squats then repeat
  2. Skier’s Abs       X12
  3. Apollo Ono        X12
  4. Pick ups          X12
  5. Plank Jack        X12
  6. Power Squats      X12

CIRCUIT 3  – CONE DRILLS (2 rounds)

  1. zigzag sprints
  2. Shuttle Run – aka 5-10-5  then 2 rounds running backward
  3. + sign
  4. X – Drill
  5. Partner Suicide with resistance bands to 1st BB post, then 2nd, then last BB post. This is an all-time favorite by our @dutch boy. 🙂


No time for Marry



  • Prayers for @shazam and his family as they continue going thru the painful process of working thru the court system to determine Josiah’s faith.
  • Prayers for CMPD office Mia Goodwin’s family and friend as they mourn the loss of a wife, mother of 3 kids, a friend, colleague, etc.
  • Prayers for those who are going thru a difficult time due to various reasons.  Tomorrow is Jesus’ birthday so let’s be kind and mindful about why and who we are celebrating tomorrow.  We tend to be very generous with giving each other gifts, but let’s also be generous toward Jesus’ birthday gift.  The gift can be in the form of giving to your local church, an organization in need, and/or to our very own group thru the Mount Afton Challenge which is raising money and awareness for Mental Health awareness and Suicide prevention.
  • YHC had fun this morning even though getting the music to finally play took longer than @disaster and @mandown wanted.  Even after it played, @disaster said it was the worst Christmas play list he ever heard.  He is not getting any gentler with his old age!
  • For the first time in F3’s history did someone wipe out during the Weed Picker.  And the award goes to…………….. Ow!  That is somewhat to be expected when you are the son of @mandown.  But it could have also been @disaster.
  • Great to see @avalange and @momento who apparently gets a new name every year during his annual post when he and Avalanche can’t remember his F3 name.
  • The coffeetaria at Maple Street Biscuit continues to be a success. That was a great idea to relocate there.
  • Merry Christmas to all of you!  One of the best presents I ever gave myself was getting a membership at F3.  I appreciate and love all of you guys for what you continue to do for me and for one another.
  • See you Monday for some Mettle work!
  • Always an honor to lead this group

God Bless!