2nd Annual Christnadomas

Most donned their gayest apparel and headed to the north pole where we found Santa and his elf.

Winter warmer:

  • SSH X 10
  • Windmill X 10
  • Short Mosey to front Portico
  • Long snapper (LKN Term)/penny picker (makes more sense) X 10
  • IST X 10

Christmas Morn:

  • 12 exercises – number of reps corresponds to the day – Start with day 1 and lap then day 2 – day 1 then lap…repeat until have gone 12 to one. Nearly 1.5 miles and lots of exercises.
    • Day 1: Man Maker Burpee
    • Day 2: WWII
    • Day 3: Diamond Merican
    • Day 4:Bobby Hurley’s
    • Day 5: Golden Ring Burpees
    • Day 6: Mericans
    • Day 7: power-ups
    • Day 8: Carolina Dry Docks
    • Day 9: Jump Squats
    • Day 10: LBC
    • Day 11: Mountain Climbers
    • Day 12: Alternating Revers Lunge (Double Count)

Mary, mother of Jesus:

  • Led by FNG Mini Santa
  • Crunchy Frog X ?
  • American hammer X ?
  • Low Flutter X ?
  • Pretzel Crunch X ?

Naughty and Nice List:

  • First, it was great celebrating the day when God put his plan of redemption for man into motion through the birth of his son Jesus.
  • Thank you for the gloves! It was a small Christmas miracle!
  • Great effort Master Po! Just could not ignore Man Down’s onesie, decked out sleigh, and that he brought a famous FNG. Congrats Man Down! Enjoy the greatest beer ever made….Great Lakes Christmas! Put a close runner up in the 6 pack for good measure. It was a showing of the Christmas spirit that Man Down shared with Master Po.
  • Welcome mini Santa! Strong showing for the most part. Little slow in the middle of the work-out but came on real strong at the end. Thanks for calling Mary. I think even Pox was happy with your form.
  • Unfortunately, I think Mini Santa sustained a foot injury. Prayers for Mini Santa.
  • Pox was changing lyrics of Christmas songs to songs about good form. Good work and on brand.
  • Much stronger group this year then last! Everyone finished!
  • It was great to get back out to RS and see everyone. It was a good time and hope everyone has a great Christmas season.
  • Prayers for Heatstroke’s parents as they transition to an assisted living home.

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