Farmer & the Dell – Dawghouse

YHC brought the fan-favorite of the Farmer & the Dell to The Dawghouse for some Wednesday AM medicine. 9 PAX joined the fun. Here’s how it went down…

At 530, a quick disclaimer was given and around the Robinson parking lot for one lap before circling up for the warm-o-rama: (20) SSHs IC, (12) Windmills IC, (12) Penny Pickers IC, Arm Circles and a little hamstring stretching.

  • PAX were asked to grab a block and head to the tennis courts, where the beatdown ensued… lining up on one end of the courts and partnering-up in 2’s, these instructions were given:
  • Partner 1 carried a block in each hand (fireman carry-style) to the opposite end of the courts and back, while Partner 2 began the following set of exercises:
    • (50) Jump Squats
    • (100) Merkins
    • (150) WW2’s
    • (200) Body Squats
    • (250) SSH’s
  • EACH time a partner returned with the blocks, each pax knocked out 3 burpees…
  • Partner 2 then picked up wherever Partner 1 left off on the exercise set… AND SO ON … until the set was complete.

PAX finished up the exercises around 0605, returned blocks then headed back to the parking lotfor a short session of Mary.


  • Mention of upcoming events (12/11 – Huntersville Half; 1/8/22 – Mount Afton Challenge)

Prayer Requests:

  • Yellowcake’s Co-worker fighting cancer
  • Buck’s son
  • Discernment as parents to lead as examples for our kids, and trust that God will guide as He sees fit!

Appreciate the opportunity to lead the Dawghouse PAX!