Farmer & the Dell – Part Duex

13 PAX joined the fun on Saturday morning at Dorton Park as YHC brought back a fan favorite beatdown. @hop_hunter, @bigblue and @ringo knocked out extra miles while the others took part in the beatdown… Here’s how it went down…

At 0700, a quick disclaimer was given and around the Dorton parking lot for two laps before circling up for the warm-o-rama: (20) SSHs IC, (12) Windmills IC, (12) Penny Pickers IC, (12) Imperial Storm Troopers, Arm Circles and a little hamstring stretching.

  • PAX were asked to grab a block and head to the tennis courts, where the beatdown ensued… lining up on one end of the courts and partnering-up in 2’s, these instructions were given:
  • Partner 1 carried a block in each hand (fireman carry-style) to the opposite end of the courts and back, while Partner 2 began the following set of exercises:
    • (50) Jump Squats
    • (100) Merkins
    • (150) WW2’s
    • (200) Body Squats
    • (250) SSH’s
  • EACH time a partner returned with the blocks, each pax knocked out 5 burpees…
  • Partner 2 then picked up wherever Partner 1 left off on the exercise set… AND SO ON … until the set was complete.
  • Intermission ensued at 0730 for a lap around the tennis courts with an indian run.

PAX finished up the exercises around 0745 and we moved over to the wall for two rounds of wall sits while passing the cinder blocks down the line and back… then headed back to the parking lot to return the blocks to their home, before moseying to the shelter for a short session with Mary.


  • Mention of upcoming events (11/13 – Clean-up @ Dorton; 11/13 Charlotte Full/Half Marathon; 12/11 – Huntersville Half; 1/8/22 – Mount Afton Challenge)
  • Hokie_Pokie read a letter from Amway’s family offering heartfelt thanks for what the F3 brethren have meant to their family.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead!