Tiger Town Round 2

This morning was Round 2 at the newest AO in the land… at least our area.  F3 Tiger Town had 6 men show in the gloom to put in some work while getting a little tour of the area with some tunes as a cherry on top.

It went something like this…



One quick lap around the block and then back to the parking lot to circled up in case we had any late arrivals.

SSHs x20 IC, Slap Jacks x20 IC, HBs x20 IC,  Penny Pickers x10 IC, Wind Mills x10 IC, Mount Climbers x20 IC

Time to hit the road…


The Thang

Pax moseyed over to the parking lot by the MP Town Hall.  This is where they received the 1st tune of the morning.

1st Selection:  Let it Be…Merkins
(40 Merkins or so total – hold Plank until “Let it be” which is when you do a Merkin)

Next take a lap around the Town Hall building.  Karaoke, High Knees, and Butt Kickers mixed in.

Time to mosey to the hill by the cemetery and partner up.
One partner lunges to the top, while the runs backwards up the hill, then forward back to partner.  Keep switching until at the top.

NOTE:  This is where things didn’t go as planned. @KitchenAid found a pot hole and did a number on his ankle.  Mayhem got him back to his car so he could get it iced up asap.  Get well quick brother!

It sucked to loose one of our guys, but the show must go on…

Next up, we did backward lunges to the stop sign while the off partner skipped to the sign and back.

We found a great spot with a view for the 2nd selection…
Tubthumping – PAX does SSH until “I get knocked down, but I get up again” then PAX does a Burpee (26 burpees or so)

Back to the stop sign.  Side lunge to the end of the cemetary.  Bear crawl / Crab walk combo to get back.  Then mosey over to the funeral home parking lot.

3rd selection… Roxanne – PAX hold feet at 6″ until “Roxanne” then PAX knock out a WWII

Take a lap around building.  Stop and do 10 Bonnie Blairs at each corner.
Take another lap.  Stop and do 10 Apolo Ohnos at each corner.

At this point we headed back to our spot with a view for the 4th selection…
My Ding-A-Ling – PAX hold Al Gore postion then complete a squat when your hear “My Ding-A Ling”
This one was a real crowd favorite!

Time to head back to home base.  Indian run from the Mountain top back to the parking lot.



Low Dollys x20 IC, RBCs x20 IC, 1-minute “H”abs

Recover, recover.



  • 10/16:  Whitewater Center Boat Competition
  • 11/13:  Charlotte Full and Half Marathon
  • 12/11:  Huntersville Half Marathon



  • Prayers for the Culp Family and the Albemarle pax recovering from Covid.
  • Prayers for KitchenAid and a quick recovery from the fall this am.
  • All unspoken prayers



The new F3 Tiger Town AO has great potential.  Let’s all do our part to spread to the word and help Mayhem, Mighty Mouse, and others ensure it reaches many men in area and changes lives in the process.  There are no doubt lots of men in this community that F3 can serve.  It’s another chance to pay the gift forward.  Have a great and safe weekend men.  It was an honor lead you this am!