Mount Afton / tnuoM notfA

8 PAX (5 runners, 2 ruckers and 1 on wheels) braved the gloom on this Monday to “be the medicine” and get this week started off right.

@run-flat & @booter did their ruck-thing through the streets of Afton, while @turbine turned his two wheels to the tune of 8.5 miles himself.  The runners took off to sleigh Mount Afton, but with a twist.  After one ‘normal’ Mt. Afton lap, the runners turned around for a backwards Mt. Afton lap… and so on.  Everyone met back up in the Dorton parking lot for the COT.

  • 2nd F – Thursday HH in Laurel Park (address forthcoming from @zacchaeus
  • 3rd F – August Service Project – CAN CAN Beatdown (Saturday 8/14 @ 0700) – ALSO 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of F3-Afton!  Reason to come fellowship!

Prayed out for a blessed week, and for opportunities to be the medicine for others!