F3 Dads Davis Lake

F3 Dads Balloons and choo choo trains

Lax Put on Rojo or Amarillo flags as they arrive even colors

Basic warm up with lots of animal trots. Flamingos, elephants and Donkey kicks

Mosey to playground
Flag tag – 1 person is it for a few minutes and grabs flag. When you lose a flag you have to climb up on the picnic table 3 times before returning to play. R2, Stash, BB8 all took a turn but NOTHING compared to when the 3 5 year Olds took over 🙂

Mosey to “train tunnel”
run through tunnel making train noises back and forth. At the end do exercises:

Rock curls
WW2 sit ups
Chest Press

Mosey to parking lot

Rocket Balloons: Groups of 2-4 by age earn points for their teams. Everyone does exercises (see below) while I call out groups to go chase The Rocket balloon and grab it.

Side Straddle hops
mountain climbers
monkey humpers (stash suggestions :thinking_face: :sweat_smile: )

COT, name FNG lizard and Sunflower

Prayers from Freckles and BB8

Coffee, Zbars and balloon animals. Thanks to @Matlock for buying the coffee!

Slackblast! F3 Dads Balloons and choo choo trains. #f3davislake
Date: 2021-17-10
Pax: @stash @freckles @no-h @ferrari @sunflower. @bb8 @Matlock. @lizzard
FNGs: 0
Q: @r2d2
Count: 9