F3 Dads Davis Lake: Dodge Ball edition



Davis Lake F3 Dads
Back Blast

Warm o rama
Side straddle hop
Penny pickers (Pretend pick up pennies)
Spider man crawl
20 merkins/pushups
Run like a pony (Thank you Freckles)
Jump like a frog (BB8)
Run like a cheetah on all fours
Donkey kicks (Thank you Mort)

Mosey to Playground

Merkins – Dad’s Down, 2.0’s jump over and back, Dad’s Up, 2.0’s crawl under. X10
Heels to heaven – Hold onto ankles and bring legs up to be pushed down X10 each

Mosey to tennis court

Dodge Ball Dad’s vs 2.0’s. Each hit = 5 burpees, then 5 merkins (pushups)

Kick ball Team Names: “Mortal Combat” and “Unicorns”
Each out = 5 burpees for runners
Each time runner gets to 2nd base or a run is scored = 10 push ups for infield

Meola, Tank, Hugs, R2D2, BB8, Pixie, Mort, King Julian, Ferrari, No H Stash, Freckles, No H, FNG Tyler, Lassie, Gadget, Sparkler, Goose, Lucky Dog, Febreeze, FNG Ayanna (?), FNG Milani, FNG Milan, Batman, Music, Reagan, Brooklyn.

Name o Rama
COT (Circle of Trust)
Name FNG’s
Ball of Man (Prayer)
Group Picture