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F3 MeCa | May 11, 2021

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The streak continues!!

  • When: 05/03/21
  • QIC: Uecker
  • The PAX: Yellowcake, Mash, Grassy Knoll, Buck, Overdrive, Uecker

YHC spent the weekend drinking and tanning on the beach, also cheering on some crazy guys who thought running 26.2 miles was fun!  Had I not signed up to Q, I’d probably had been in bed with the other fartsackers, so I am glad I held myself accountable and signed up!
Rain was in the forecast and Big Blue, over on the Afton Channel, scared off some guys with that information.  But we all know it never rains at 5:30 at the Dawghouse, especially when Uecker Q’s!
So six of the bravest and strongest Dawgs showed up to see what I had in store for them.  Here’s how it went:

Warm up:

kettle bells down and SSH/IST/Windmills/Penny Pickers

4 Corners

1st stop Curls for the girls x 25

farmers carry to stop 2.  Thrusters x 25

lunge walk to stop 3.  Overhead press x 25

farmers carry to stop 4.  Chest press x 25

Lunge walk back to stop 1.  Repeato going up by 10 reps each round!  We made it to 45 reps.


LBC’s/Pretzel crunch/Low flutters, 30 sec plank.

moleskin: A lot of no quit today, I am proud to be a part of this group of men.  MASH and I are on a streak of no missed workouts 11 days now!  I vow to not miss, I can’t let the “respects” rule the roost!  Keep coming out to see who wins the battle or if we both concede and fartsack the same day?!
My words of wisdom today were simple.  I saw a whole lot of guys and gals giving their all out in Myrtle Beach, exhausted and pushing to make it to the end.  While I wasn’t one of them, a lot of them would not have made it to the end with out the encouragement from the crowd.  Sometimes we show up for our brothers and not ourselves.  So the next time you are unhappy with your effort or feel like you don’t want to come out because you can’t give it your 100% effort, remember that someone is out there giving their 100% and they could use your push to help them get there!

Uecker out!

Scottie Altschuler

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