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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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Bricks, Bear Crawls, Birthday Burpees

  • When: 04/30/21
  • QIC: Honey Do
  • The PAX: Uecker, Porto, Yellowcake, MASH, Bravo, Hokie Pokie, Talladega, Habs, Pharoah, Mighty Mouse, Honey Do

10 friends,brothers, fellow pain afficiandos joines YHC to celebrate my 35th trip around the sun. In true fashion, I think some were scared off by the threat of birthday burpees and bear crawls, but the 11 of us had fun anyway. Disclaimer was given and off we went.

Jog around the parking lot and join up in the upper lot to warmup

SSH, Penny Pickers, Arm Circles and Imperial Storm Troopers

Mosey to the hill behind the baseball field. Should have audibled then, it’s a lot ruttier than I remembered. Tried some quadraphelia, but after at least 1 guy eating it on the first trip, audible to run up in the name of safety.

7 burpees at the base, 7 Mountain Climbers at the top, 5 rounds (35 reps)

Get off the hill, back to the parking lot for shuttle runs (fka suicides).
5 lines, 7 jump squats at each line (35 reps).

Mosey to the courtyard and grab a spot on the short brick walls
5-10-20 reps
Dips-Step ups
Run around the outside of the courtyard

Line up at brick wall
Merkins-LBC, bear crawl to the opposite wall between sets, jog back

Back to the short wall
Air squats-Incline Merkins

Head to the football field for peoples chair
2 rounds with air presses 20-15, jog to the porta classroom between sets to loosen the legs.
Some dismay among the natives led to a final 1 minute people’s chair.

Mosey to the ticket booth for Mary

Pretzel Crunch x15
The W x10
Crunchy Frog x10 (Uecker)
35 second plank (MASH)
Homer to Marge finish

Thanks for coming out! I’m not one that typically makes a big deal about birthdays, never led because of it, have usually tried to let it go with little to no fan fare, but thought, what’s the best way to get me out of bed and come to my favorite place, errr one of my favorite places, on my birthday. Not to mention, my kids are super excited about it, so why be quiet and squash their excitement. It is truly something to celebrate. Thanks again for coming out and all the entertaining mumble chatter that had me smiling all morning.

Can Can beatdown at Afton on May 15th. Check slack for details.

Q sheet is looking bare, sign up today! Let’s get some of you guys that don’t Q often on there, you won’t regret it.

Prayers for those impacted by the Charlotte shooting 2 years ago, prayers for those traveling this weekend.

Until next time fellas!


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