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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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Pain Clock

  • When: 4.19.21
  • QIC: Firestone
  • The PAX: Cheerwine, heatstroke, firestone, manwich, Hot Pack

As I pull up at 5:29 there are 4 men ready to take a couple trips around the Pain Clock. What time it…it is Bell Time!


  • SSH X 20
  • Good Morning X 10
  • IST X 10
  • Penny Picker X 10

The Main Thang:

  • Pax line up at top of island in HT parking lot. Pax imagine a clock where they start at 6 half way down right side of island is 9 other side of island is 12 and left side of island is 9.
  • PAX does exercises called at each position on the clock, leave bell, run around clock until they return to bell, and then carry it to the next clock position.
  • Clock 1: (Lap in between each position and bell carry)
    • 6’oclock: 6 sets of 20 swings (10 second rest in between)
    • 3’oclock: 3 sets of exercises called in cadence by Q. Curls X 20, Presses X 20, Skull Crushers X 20.
    • 12’oclock: 12 burpees
    • 9’oclock: 9 sets of 8 thrusters
  • Clock 2:
    • 6’oclock: Same 6 sets of 20 swings
    • 3’oclock: 3 sets of exercises in cadence called by Q: Sumo squats X 20, deadlifts X 20, lunges 20 per leg.
    • Time running short but Heatstroke determined to finish the clock to get money’s worth. Good Man.
    • 12’oclock: 12 burpees
    • cut out lap and go straight to 9’o’clock for 9 mericans in cadence
    • Finished the second clock..with modifications
    • Carry bell back to CB


  • LBC X 40
  • Leg raises X 20
  • Alternating leg raise crunches X 10
  • Oblique crunches X 10 each side.


  • Prayers for Life Alerts son and for Jimmy Buffet and his heart concerns


  • Absolute record for Heatstroke mumblechatter. The first time YHC wore the joggers was a close second, but this wins. Main focus was YHC’s form and arm length. Age, exercise simalarity…you name it.
  • I have to say, Heatstroke is the most in shape out of shape guy I have ever seen. You definitely could hustle someone into betting on themselves.
  • About pulled a Hammy trying to beat Hot Pack around the clock. He easily caught up the one time YHC did not massively cheat. Actually, he did win because he out cheated YHC.
  • Lot’s of suggestions from the PAX. Many were good, some were not. Was open to the good ones.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!


Brian Mitan

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