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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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The Court Jester and the log

  • When: 04/17/21
  • QIC: Shooter
  • The PAX: Hokie Pokie, Zacchaeus, 4 Wide, Hop Hunter, Ringo, Loveboat, Guinness, Audit, Spaz, Opie, Shooter

The sun is up and a cool but comfy morning awaited the pax. The eight men set off for the beatdown, while three others where hitting the streets. A kinda sorta disclaimer was given and we were off for a mosey down the path towards the back of the park. We crossed the bridge to the small corner for our warm-o-rama.

  • SSHs x25, Hillbillies x20, Toy Soldiers x15, Penny Pickers x10, Windmills x5

YHC remembered something from a previous beatdown and strolled over to the edge of the trees, looked around and there it was, a nice six-foot long, remnant of a tree. YHC did a quick inspection to make sure nothing would be crawling over us as we began an Indian run partner carry along the paths and around the tennis courts.

In we went and lined up along the wall for several activities:

  • People’s Chair (PC)
  • PC Air Presses x10
  • PC Mason Twists x10
  • Dirty Hookups x10
  • Jackass Burpee Webbs 1 to 2 count
  • Mike Tysons x10
  • Ascending Testicles

We circled up for a game of SSH 21s.  The 1 to 5 counts were out loud in cadence , while reps 6-21 were in silent. If the pax all hit 21 at the same time, we moved along, but if we didn’t, a penalty was called out by a pax and we started over.

  • It took us three times to get it right. Guinness called out the first penalty of burpees and Opie called out the second penalty of lunges.

Next up were a few rounds of suicides. The pax lined up along the edge of the lines to begin:

  • Round 1: The classic suicide to the side line of each court
  • Round 2: Webbicides, suicides with a merkin on each blue line
  • Round 3: Bear Crawl suicides to the white lines in the first court and to the middle of the second
  • Round 4: Build-a-Burpee suicides to the edge of each court to construct a burpee, merkins x5, leg thrusters x5 and jump squats x5
  • Round 5: another round of Build-a-Burpee suicides with x10 count reps

Next round, we partnered up for a round of Doras.  One pax completed the rep counts, while the other lapped the courts until the number reps were achieved: Merkins x100, LBCs x200, Squats x300.

We picked up our new wooden toy and did another Indian run to store the log, which hopefully will become a staple of our coupons (note, it’s stored in the holly bushes along side the dumpster’s concrete walls.

Off to the shelter for some Mary:

  • Freddie Mercs x15, Hello Dollies x15, Low Flutters x15 and some Homer to Marge.


  • May 1st: CCM I Love My City clean-up at My Father’s House.  May 15: the next Can-Can beatdown and in June: working the Afton Community Garden
  • Looking for suggestions on a May challenge


  • Hokie Pokie’s 2.0 as he gets his leg fixed up in a couple of weeks and the healing and recovery throughout the spring. Continued healing for Big Blue’s ribs and his M’s heart troubles and YHC’s dad with his cancer battle.

Gentleman, always an honor to lead and glad to be a part of the clan of Afton!

~ Shooter


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