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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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4 Tire Pitstop

  • When: 04/16/21
  • QIC: YellowCake
  • The PAX: Uecker, Talledega, Spauldini, Hokie Pokie, Hop Hunter, Mash, Turbine, Loveboat, Mighty Mouse, Habs, Bravo, YellowCake

There may have been some whiskey involved at Afton’s happy hour last night that lead to some of this awesomeness.  That, plus YHC’s trail Jeep just got some new tires.  So here we go!  Started out with a typical mosey and warmorama.  Then on to the main event!

4 teams, each team grab a big tire.

Round 1:

player 1 is the Timer: tire flip merkins from white line to white line

player 2: LBCs

player 3: run suicide sprints across parking lot

Rotate thru so everyone does each twice

Round 2:

player 1 decline merkins on the tire while other 2 players run a lap.

Rotate thru so everyone is on the tire for 2 sets.

Round 3

player 1 tricep dips on tire while player 2 & 3 runs a lap.

Rotate thru so everyone is on the tire for 2 sets.

For Mary, it was 1 minute abs with Habs.


It was great to see Spauldini and Mighty Mouse out this morning, haven’t seen them in a while.  Good job by Uecker to put the pressure on them.

Loveboat and Mash were happy that I went to Afton’s happy hour last night, where Hop Hunter talked me into putting a lot of running in the beatdown.  Check out Strava, Turbine earned a PR for the 400m today, great job!  Hokie Pokie and Bravo represented our Afton brothers well.  Our NASCAR boys Talledega and Habs never knew tires could have tread on them until today.

Guys, thanks for showing up.  It’s always fun to do something a little different.


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