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F3 MeCa | May 9, 2021

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The General

  • When: 4-15-21
  • QIC: Spud
  • The PAX: Homeland, Catfish, BCR, Finish Line, Luthor, Java, Tombstone, Skinner, Private Ryan, Ace, Hops

11 men woke to join a decorated general Q with a heart of gold.  Weather? Perfectly polleny.


Mosey, past Rehab..,past Belk…past the steam plant… stop at brain clinic, listen to Q pant out cadence for:

  • SSH x 20
  • Hillbillies x 15
  • Loose Change x 10
  • Arm circles as we divided up into 2 platoons for


Mosey to the new activity center with a semicircle drive off of Burrage for a Rescue mission.  Each team of 6 was tasked with saving their POWs, which were White (Team 1) and Green (Team 2) army men from their plastic bowl prisons on a random asphalt pad around 500 feet from the base camp.

Each squad appoints a General who picks a pax to rescue one army man and return it to base camp while rest of the pax work through the following repeating stations:

  • Core killer x 10
  • Dry dock x 20
  • squat x 30
  • low flutter x 40

Once the pax returns with the army man, the General sends another pax to retrieve an army man and so on and so forth.  The two rules for pax selection were that every pax had to go once, and the same pax could not go back to back.  Other than that, the General had full autonomy.  The losing team had to go retrieve the rest of the army men left on the asphalt pad as a team.

Teams were as follows:

Team Cream: Skinner (G), Java, PR, Ace, Hops, Tombstone

Team Green: Catfish (G), YHC, BCR, Homeland, Luthor, Finish Line

Time was called around 0606 and the stacked Cream squad outpaced the valiant Green squad 16-15.

We then moseyed back to Mary where there was no time for anything for a quick count/nameorama and prayer.  Go to man church at FBC if you are so inclined.  Tell em Cat sent you. Happy b-day Java, 32 has made you no slower.


That worked better than I thought, everyone seemed to enjoy everything in between the approximate 2 miles of running to and from the Thang.  I needed more running, so everyone paid the price.  I got 3.3 miles and freed 3 POWs.  Was fun to see each team develop strategies to get their army men the fastest, sadly for the Green team they fell victim to the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s strategy the Cream team put in effect.

This workout was essentially based upon one of the songs I’ve listened to my entire life, The General by Dispatch.  It basically underlines the uselessness of battling those living the same as you for reasons unknown.  Why waste time hating and fighting those people who hate and fight you but don’t know you?  Is leadership fighting a battle because you are told to?  Hating someone because that’s all you’ve ever known?   Fight the battles that matter, fight for your family, fight for your brothers.

Thanks for entertaining my nonsense this morning.  I hope to do it and have nonsense to entertain for many years more.



”I have seen the others, and I have discovered, that this fight is not worth fighting.”


  • On April 15, 2021

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