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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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Pollen Express

  • When: 04/14/21
  • QIC: Hipbone
  • The PAX: Neverland, Spud, Waterboy, Tombstone, Scooter, Indy, Catfish, Look Me Up, Firechicken, Psycho T, El Ab, Snake Eyes, Private Ryan, Skinner

Awesome, Awesome spring morning for a nice stroll through pollen-laced downtown Concord.

Circle Up in OCT Parking Lot

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Down Dog Ankle Slappers x 15 IC
  • Wide Left over Right/Right over Left

Mosey to Wells Fargo Parking Lot

The Thang 

Ladder #1 – Merkins 2-10 by 2/Freddie Merks 20 (2 Ct) 20 – 12 by 2

  • Forward Lunge Walk/Backwards Lunge Walk between Exercises

Mosey to Forest Hill Church

Ladder #2 – Squats 2-10 by 2/Drying Cockroaches (2 Ct) – 10-2

  • Forward Bear Crawl/Backwards Bear Crawl between Exercises

Mosey to Boys & Girls Club

Ladder #3 – Mr. Climbers (2 Ct) 20-12 by 2/Burpees 2-10 by 2

  • Side Shuffle each way between Exercises

Indian Run to Mary


Low on time so super quick yoga


Love these cool mornings and warm afternoons.  Just a little rain to wash away to yellow snow and we’d be good!  Great group and effort as we kept things moving.  Haven’t bear crawled in awhile. And yes, Catfish is just as fast backwards as forwards. Good turn out at coffee, but Q had to make it fast as I actually went to the office today for a real day’s work……back to normal not so good in that regard.

Be good, do what’s right.  Kindness cost you nothing.

Aye, Hip


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