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F3 MeCa | May 13, 2021

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Pepper’s Brother

  • When: 4.13.21
  • QIC: Firestone
  • The PAX: Backstop, heatstroke, Life Alert, Firestone, Kuhmo, Detention, Matt Stevens (FNG)

8 men, half of which was the Detention’s family, showed up for a little partner relay.


  • Mosey up to the first entrance of Harris Road Middle for SSH’s. Then after almost getting hit twice, YHC decides to move to the road less traveled.
  • Penny Pickers X 10
  • Windmill X 10
  • IST X 10

The Main Thang:

  • Partner up
  • One pax lines up at light pole at top of far access road while the other Pax lines up at the next light pole.
  • PAX 1 runs to PAX 2 while PAX 2 does called exercise until PAX 1 arrives. Then PAX 2 runs to the other light pole while PAX 1 does the exercise. This repeated 5 times for each exercise.
    • Merican
    • Floor Slappers
    • Dry Docks
    • Jump Squat
    • Burpees
  • Pays to be a winner. Winning teams each round got to watch while other teams did exercises of their choosing.
  • Mosey to greenway entrance for Monkey Humpers. Perfect timing for a passing car.
  • Line up in parking lot for Burpee Suicides.
    • 4 lines. start with 3 Burpees and add 3 per line ending with 12 Burpees
  • Mosey to cars for May:
    • LBC X 40
    • Side Crunches X 10 (each side)
    • Leg lifts X 10


  • WELCOME Pepper’s Neighbor as he referred to himself.
  • Low numbers for BCC last few outings. Why is it we seem to get more folks out in the cold and rain than perfect weather. Heatstrokes theory is spring break. Spring break is over bro. Chop Chop.
  • Heatstroke provided a compliment on the lack of joggers. They are stocked away for the season to be brought out in all their glory in the fall.
  • Great to see Kumho back. Just like a Michelin, he can take a beating and still come back strong.
  • Pepper’s Neighbor is a strong competitor!
  • Not a lot of chatter nor notables. Just a lot of great work.


Prayers for all the injured men of F3 and any unspoken prayers.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

Brian Mitan

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