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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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Bad Idea

  • When: 04/10/2021
  • QIC: Gunny
  • The PAX: Gunny, Squid, Cupid, Rawhide, Grandmaster, Smackdown, Snowman, BackDraft, SirTopem, Capt. Morgan, FireChicken

9 PAX  joined the QIC for a beautiful Saturday morning beatdown. The Q hasn’t lead a Saturday beatdown in a while and didn’t know what to expect. Ended up with 11 total by the end and with sweat a pouring.



IST’s X 15 IC

Windmills X 10 IC

BSN’s X 10 IC

Arm Circles


The Q attended the last High School football game of the season last night (which was odd it being April). So he thought it would be a good idea to bring back Catfish’s Famous Football workout. Everything was good except the 20 yard line exercise, Kore Killers. It was a little aggressive and probably a Bad Idea. It went like this. Every ten yards PAX performed a different exercise up to 50, then back down. Once PAX reach the end (touchdown) they celebrated by running a lap around the parking lot, then rinse and repeat OYO.


10 yard line – 10 Burpees

20 yard line – 20 Kore Killers (Bad Idea)

30 yard line – 30 Squats

40 yard line – 40 Mountain Climbers SC

50 yard line – 50 LBC SC

40 yard line – 40 Mountain Climbers SC

30 yard line – 30 Squats

20 yard line – 20 Kore Killers

10 yard line – 10 Burpees

Run a Lap

PAX finished up by running three sets of sprints.




Prayers: Praying for PAX

Announcements: 3rd F next Saturday work at Cooperative Christian Ministries in K-Town – 7am to 10am (this is the beatdown next Saturday).


As Mike Tyson says “a plan works great until you get hit in the mouth”. When planning the beatdown YHC thought that 20 Kore Killers were not going to be that bad. Well they aren’t for one cycle but 3 rounds at doing 40 each round was a little much and the Q heard about it from the PAX. All is good and everyone survived. BD had to exit early to head to work and we picked up SirTopem during the sprints. He was going light today preparing for a Spartan Race tomorrow. FireChicken and Capt. Morgan lead the way. Squid is back to the shirt ringing. GM looks to be recovering from injury. Rawhide made two in a row, he may be back. At 57 Cupid is still getting with it. Snowman continues to show improvement. SmackDown lead the charge back to Mary carrying Old Glory.

As always an honor to lead.



  • On April 10, 2021

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