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F3 MeCa | April 14, 2021

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Turd Ferguson

  • When: 04/06/21
  • QIC: YellowCake
  • The PAX: Talledega, Hop Hunter, MASH, Loveboat, Habs, Honey Do, Overdrive, Torch, YellowCake

I was really hoping to run the Bird route today, but my knee just hasn’t been cooperating, so I went with the ruckers this morning, and told the runners to run the Bird, or whatever they felt like.

The conversation on the Ruck started out with Jeopardy guest host Aaron Rogers, but quickly moved to the brilliant Saturday Night Live Jeopardy skits with Will Farrell as Alex Trebek.  Imposters also include Sean Connery, and we all laughed as we remembered Burt Reynolds changing his name to Turd Ferguson!  If you have an hour to waste, YHC highly recommends watching those old skits on youtube.

The runners probably didn’t have as much fun, as they were seriously working to hit Strava Achievements.   They put in a strong showing.

It was good to have Habs back after he defeated COVID.  They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that must not apply to COVID.


Afton/Dawghouse BRR team forming, contact Hop Hunter.  He already said Loveboat would take all the hard segments, so it should be easy.

YellowCake out!


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