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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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There were burpees

  • When: 04/03/2021
  • QIC: Frostbite
  • The PAX: El Ab, Total Package, Tombstone, PB&J, Java, Spud, Hops, Catfish, Look Me Up, Scooter, Frostbite

It was a chilly morning for 11 brave pax, but we warmed up quickly.
Mosey to top of new parking deck for Warm-o-rama:
10 windmills IC
10 loose change IC
arm circles
Noticeably missing were the obligatory SSHs, much to the chagrin of Spud
The Thang:
Station 1 – Burpees and WWIIs
At the top of parking deck, perform 10 burpees, run down 1 level
Perform 8 burpees, run down 1 level
6 Burpees, down
4 burpees, down
2 burpees, up
4 burpees, up
6, up
8, up
Repeato with WWIIs
Mosey to Carolina Courts
Station 2 – Burpees and Lunge Walk
At the bottom lot, perform 5 burpees, up the stairs
lunge walk across parking lot, mosey back down the ramp
4 burpees, up the stairs
lunge walk, mosey
Mosey to Coltrane Webb
Station 3 – Burpees, Pullups, WWIIs
Perform 5 pullups, 5 burpees, 5 WWIIs, take a lap around the track
Repeato x 5
Mary: Broga
Moleskin: As promised, there were lots of burpees. 100 to be exact. Turns out that wasn’t the hardest part. Q didn’t anticipate the pain caused by the parking lot lunge walks. This was echoed by all pax. Probably means lunge walks need to be incorporated more often. It also wouldn’t have been a Frostbite Q if we didn’t do pullups. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that we ended at the playground. At that point, tossing a waterlogged foam football became a welcome distraction from the lactic acid building in the thighs. It has been more than a year since my last Q. Java still fast, Tombstone most improved (by far), El Ab still does his own workout, TP riding his bike between stations. All in all, great group. Hope it was challenging.
Thanks for letting me lead
  • On April 5, 2021

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