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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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The Mettle Doesn’t Touch The Ground – Escalator.

  • When: 04/05/21
  • QIC: Snowsuit
  • The PAX: Shazam, Quicksilver, Snowsuit

The morning was cool, and the moon and stars were out… and 3 Pax did some heavy mettle and YHC did a lot of moaning! The workout was hard no doubt, but it was great getting to know these two fine men today. I think that’s the best part of the workout. It went something like this:

SSH x19
Penny Picker x12
IST x12
Windmill x10
Mountain Climber x15

The Thang – Escalator Workout:
20 KB Upright Rows
20 KB Curls
20 KB Squats
20 KB Tricep Extensions
20 KB Swings
Set 1 was just the Upright Rows and then walk to the curb and back for Set 2. Set 2 added the Curls. Continue… Eventually we added all five exercises, not letting the KB touch the ground. Set 5 included all 5 exercises. So, on Set 6 we dropped the Upright Rows, keeping the other 4. After each set, we continue to drop the top exercises until we only had the Swings.

When all was said-and-done, Pax would have completed 100 of each exercise. Good work men!

2 sets of each:
AMRAP KB Chest presses (at least 50)
AMRAP Heavy Freddies

Low Flutters (x15)
W’s (x12)
Todd Beamers (x10)

– we remembered @Shazam and family as court case was moved to April 16th… keep praying
– we prayed to be better men

Flyby by the F3 Skywalker guys… Greek, Chowder, and Gordo… what a bunch of animals. Great to see @Quicksilver continuing to show as a part of Highlands… welcome brother! It felt good hearing @Shazam say “That sucked!” =)  It was an honor to workout with you fine men!



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