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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Getting Beach Ready

  • When: 04/05/21
  • QIC: Honey Do
  • The PAX: Grassy Knoll, MASH, Overdrive, Yellowcake, Uecker, Honey Do

6 Dawgs joined up for the best workout of the week. With beach vacations in the horizon, we decided it is time to flex our muscle and impress the M when we get home. After all, who else is going to haul the wagon, cooler, chairs and every other beach going item through the loose and firey sand? Right Uecker?

Nothing cute today. No pyramid. No ladder. No burpees… this time…

Just reliving the 90s this morning as the Playlist featured Nirvana, Foo Fighters, 311, Bush, Smashing Pumpkins and more!

Head to the courtyard.
-15 SSH
-10 Windmill
-5 Front Raises

5 Rounds, 4 Excercises, 20 reps, jog around the courtyard between rounds. And yes, all are Left + Right = 1 Rep, unless you want to cheat yourself and do half the reps. All I say is a suggestion, you are free to do what you want. Where’s @Torch when you need him?

Round 1:
– Thrusters
– High Rows
– Dead Lift
– Sumo Squats

Round 2:
– Air Squats
– Outhouse Curls
– Tricep Extensions
– Step ups

Round 3:
– Lunges
– Overhead Press
– Lawnmowers
– Halos

Round 4:
– Chest Press
– WW2
– Mason Twist
– Freddie Mercury’s

Round 5:
– Swings
– Merkins
– Figure 8’s
– Side Lunges

About 10 minutes left, roll back through, reduce to 10 reps, made it 3 more Rounds before Mary

– LBCs
– Homer to Marge
– Low Flutter

– Phidippides Ruck Across the State


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