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F3 MeCa | April 19, 2021

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Carry Your Cross

  • When: 04/01/21
  • QIC: Steel Cannon
  • The PAX: Backstop, Big Country, Detention, Golden Boy, Life Alert, Loveseat, Manwich, Pox, Slurpee, Steel Cannon



Backstop, Big Country, Detention, Golden Boy, Life Alert, Loveseat, Manwich, Pox, Slurpee, Steel Cannon


YHC was checking out the signupgenius to see when I could Q next.  Last time I checked, April 1st was taken by Heatstroke.  But alas, now his name isn’t there!  He’ll be out of town, so it’s open.  At the time, I thought “Great!  I’ll do some kind of April Fool’s prank!”  Or I could do a beatdown in honor of my older daughter turning 13 the day before on 3/31.  Yes, I now have a female teenager in my house.  Prayers appreciated.  But then I realized it was the day before Good Friday.  So a Good Friday theme it would be.  YHC showed up at a lonely AO at around 5:05.  I think it was the first time I was ever first to show.  Plan was to use the cinder blocks to make a cross on the basketball court.  I thought I’d shoot for 16 blocks, as attendance could be that high.  After 2 trips and 4 blocks down, I was starting to get winded already.  Can’t stop now though.  Ended up getting 13 blocks down, as that was all of them.  (Thanks to LA’s murder bunny beatdown a few weeks ago, we were down a few blocks.)  Arranged the blocks to form a big cross in the middle of the first basketball court.  So now that I got a mini-beatdown in already, time to go stretch.  Finished up around 5:17 to Big Country rolling in from Kannon.  We had a mini stretch sesh while a few other cars rolled in.  A quick disclaimer for a veteran crew and we were off.  


Mosey down around the car rider circle with a side shuffle across the straightaway on the way back.  Those towards the back were almost (not really) taken out by a car coming in hot (really) to the parking lot.  I’m sure whoever was driving wasn’t expecting to see a group of guys dressed in black jogging along the road on the way in.  Continued mosey into the basketball court and circled up around the Cross for…….




Before we begin warmorama, I made a quick statement regarding Jesus carrying his cross to his own crucifixion.  He knew the pain and suffering that was coming and he did it anyhow.  He did it for you and he did it for me.  Every single one us.  I announced before the warmup that each of us would be taking a piece of the cross and would be carrying it through the entire workout.  Everyone knew what was coming after warmorama.  


SSH x 20 IC

IST x 15 IC

Tempo Squats x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC


Grab your piece of the cross and let’s mosey.  I even brought smaller paver blocks for the 2.0s, but they chose to take the bigger blocks.  Mosey to the HRMS track.  We stopped halfway in the grassy area at the school bus entrance for 10 curls, IC.  Continued mosey to the track.


4 corners (yes, an oval kinda has corners) workout.  Remember, your cross stays with you.  We’ll start at the corner at the entrance.  5 reps there, 10 reps at corner 2, 15 reps at corner 3, 20 reps at corner 4.  Finish where we started and plank up and wait for the Six before we do it again.  


Round 1 = Low flutters

Round 2 = Leg lifts (lie on back, block on ground above your head to hold on to, lift legs to 90deg.)

Round 3 = Freddie Mercuries


Time to head back.  Those blocks will definitely slow you down.  Stopping at the halfway point again for some bent over rows, 15 IC.  Stopped at the trail entrance for 15 IC monkey humpers.  Had one spectator.  


Got the blocks back to their home and back to base right as the clock struck 0615.  No time for Mary.  Manwich beat me to the punch with “It is finished”, as we were moseying back to the COT.


On our way to put the blocks back, there was a box truck backed up to one of the school doors.  When we left the courts, there were 3 blocks or so (+ the 5 small blocks I brought) left there, but when we got back, they were gone.  Don’t know where they went.  I’m sure whoever drove the truck up there saw them and grabbed them so they weren’t out when the kids came out for recess.  So note to PAX:  We only have 11 blocks there now if you’re planning a block workout in the near future.  I plan to buy a few more soon to bring out for us.  




Awesome workout.  Strong effort by all.  Finally found a way to slow the 2.0s down.  Hand them a block that’s 35% of their body weight!  What we did is not even comparable to what Jesus did for you and for me, but it was a good reminder for us to carry a heavy block for 40 minutes throughout a workout.  Was good to have Big Country joining us again from Kannon!  


Prayers and Announcements


Thanks given for the many blessings we have.  Prayers for PAX to spread the good news of Easter to others and to shine our lights wherever we can.  Prayers to Kilowatt’s son and to Soprano and other injured Pax.


Enjoyed the beatdown with my brothers.  Thanks for the accountability and for being there.  My shoulders were definitely sore the next day from carrying that block.  


Stay strong,

Steel Cannon


Steel Cannon

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