The 1000, er, no make that the 900 rep challenge

Twelve men showed up in the not-quite-as-chilly-as expected gloom at Mallard Creek Community Park this morning to see just what kind of nonsense @Disaster had planned for them. The Q didn’t fail to disappoint. Several of the PAX were pre-warned about today’s beatdown at @Brinkley’s impromptu fire-pit based sausage fest last night and some of them still showed up anyway. T-Claps to @dutchboy who endured an early morning seven mile run with the Valley crew at 6AM and then doubled down for the 7AM bootcamp. @Greek was nice enough to drive by and inform us that, no he would not be attending. @Skipper showed up, spotted the infamous step stool weinke, drove away, and then must have decided he had nothing better to do anyway so he came back. @Pony Boy apparently had an early morning breakfast appointment that his wife wouldn’t let him skip. @Sully and @Snowsuit just plain didn’t show up. And no one really wanted to know what happened to best buddies @Murdock and @Tootsie after they broke out the $250 dollar bottle of whiskey last night. At least one of them may still be passed out in @Brinkley’s backyard as far as we know.

Anyway, on to the beatdown. YHC gave a lengthy disclaimer that promised minimal running but not much else. The PAX were than led on a very brief 50 foot warmup run to the adjoining parking lot for Warmarama.

  • SSH IC X 19
  • IST IC X 10
  • HB IC X 10
  • WP IC X 10
  • WM IC X 10
  • MC IC X 10


Staying in the upper parking lot, the Q led the PAX over to the ever popular step stool weinke for a summary of today’s beatdown. The 1000 rep challenge was originally introduced to the Highlands by @Alcatraz as a winter weather workout you could accomplish in the comfort of your own home. @Disaster has brought it out to the Saturday boot camp on previous occasions (all 60 minutes are needed) but we haven’t seen it since before the COVID outbreak. With @Murdock sleeping off his hangover, YHC figured there was no better time than the present to break it back out.

The PAX circle up and complete the following five exercises in order, followed by a short run around the nearby island and back.

  • Burpees X 10
  • Lunges X 15
  • Merkins X 20
  • Squats X 25
  • Abdominals X 30
  • Run to the island and back
  • Repeato ten times (100 reps X 10 rounds = 1000 reps)

The PAX take turns rotating through calling the exercises in a people’s Q format. Each Q is encouraged to be creative in calling an exercise that loosely falls under one of the categories. (Burpees are not modifiable). For example, Merkins can include Regular, Diamond, Wide, Hand Release, Carolina Dry Dock, etc. Monkey Humpers can qualify as either lunges or squats (who knew?). @Pavarotti was nice enough to bring some new categories down from Lake Norman that felt kind of made up but we didn’t want to hurt his feelings so we just did them anyway.

The workout started to go downhill in a hurry, and I’m not sure anyone was completing ten burpees by the final rounds. The second F was very strong though, and the PAX spared no expense in mocking each others form, cadence, counting, or anything else we could think of. It may not have been the strongest beatdown ever but at least everyone seemed to have a good time. YHC called time after nine full sets and we finished things off with a long run around both of the islands at the top of the lot. After 270 ab exercises no Mary was required.

COT and Prayer


  1. Thanks to everyone who posted this morning. This may not have been the greatest beatdown ever created (as was clearly pointed out to me by more than one of the PAX) but it was a lot of fun and hopefully everyone enjoyed it. The fun continued with a strong coffeteria that included an appearance by the entire @Dutch Boy family (welcome back @Scout and @Stay Puft) as well as Highlands Master Q @Poutine.
  2. Happy 59th birthday to @Brinkley as well as a Happy 18th birthday to @Poutine’s oldest daughter (Madeleine?)
  3. It was great to see @Conchito back out in the gloom today for the first time in a while. In a moment of great irony, he showed up for one of the coldest days since February after skipping some of our more recent 60 degrees warm beatdowns. At least he appeared in full winter ninja workout gear, as expected. Welcome back sir.
  4. Speaking of Kotters, @Poutine has challenged us to locate and bring back at least twelve Kotters over the next five weeks in honor of the Highlands nine year anniversary on Saturday May 8. There are plenty of names out there that we haven’t seen in a long while. Feel free to scan through Slack if you need some ideas. There 163 members listed under the Highlands Channel alone.
  5. Finally, if you get a chance, check out the 3rd F channel on Slack to read about @Phidippedes fundraiser for the Champion Autism network. He will be rucking across North and South Carolina in April and May to raise money for this worthy cause. Please consider sponsoring his efforts if you get a chance.