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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Bell Relay

  • When: 3/29/21
  • QIC: Firestone
  • The PAX: kilowatt, Manwich, Wrong Way, Firestone

4 of Meca’s finest men showed up at CB for a hastily planned Bell Relay. YHC pulls out the Manwich Board. 39 degrees and clear at start (perfect jogger weather).


  • Mosey around HT parking lot with side shuffles, Carioca, toy soldier, runner stretch, and skipping.
  • Skipped the obligatory SSH which may invalidate this as a sanctioned F3 work-out

The Main Thang:

  • Line up in the HT parking lot at the top of the 1st aisle.
  • Pax partner up:
    • PAX 1 does exercise while PAX 2 does lap around island
    • Then flip-flop until exercises on the board is cleared.
    • Board 1:
      • Swings
      • dead lifts
      • shoulder press
      • sumo squat
      • curl to skull crusher
      • Burpees
    • LBC X 10 for breather
  • Rinse and repeat with new set of exercises:
    • Board 2:
      • Swings
      • Goblet squats
      • Upright Row
      • Alternating Lunge
      • Merican
      • Up downs
    • LBC X 10 for Breather
  • Rinse and repeat with Board 1 except extend running to go around 2 islands 
  • Mosey back to CB for abbreviated Mary


  • LBC X 10
  • Squirm X 10
  • Heels to heaven X 10


  • Prayers for healing for Kilowatt’s Son and Mother and for peace for the family.


  • Lot’s of running. 2.2 Miles
  • YHC realized he had to Q after 2 fingers of bourbon and working on travel stuff until 11:30PM. So bed time after planning a quick work-out was midnight. Yikes..
  • The lack of pre-blast may have contributed to the low numbers, but the most important men that were supposed to be there were there.
  • Wrong way revealed where he got his name. He may or may not have taken a short cut or two on some laps.
  • Manwich was literally sleep walking I think. Either he was asleep on his feet or in deep thought several times during the work-out.
  • Heatstroke missed out on the joggers. It is getting warmer and that may have been his last chance.
  • Due to Kilowatt’s strong work and speed our team took the win. Kilowatt picked 5 WWII’s for punishment as we looked on and heckled. (after waking Manwich up).

Good work men! Privileged to lead.

Brian Mitan

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