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F3 MeCa | April 19, 2021

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Nice spring morning at the Vet

  • When: 03/27/21
  • QIC: Pantene
  • The PAX: Hot Corner, Pack Man, Swiss Miss, Third Day, Blue Crush, Delta, Clover, Toughskins, Startbucks

Time for another full body workout; and yes, we had one.  I actually showed up a few minutes early, to the surprised of some.  The Pax count was 9, and including your host, 10 of us got the morning going.  Did the 7am disclaimer and a nice mosey over to the monument to get the show started.

The Warmup:

20 Side Straddle Hops, 20 Windmills, 20 Mountain Climbers, 20 LBC’s, 30 hip extensions (15 per leg) and 15 Merkins.

The Workout:

A nice mosey to the soccer field.  For once during my lead it was actually open!  Started with 15 dips on the bench.  Follow this with (my favorite) lunges halfway across the field, with a nice side run to the other side.  On the other side: 15 decline Merkins on the bench.  Repeated this with 3 times over and 3 times back, and for once I actually didn’t lose count.

Next:  Mosey to the the tennis courts.  Start with 15 Shoulder Tap Merkins.  Backward run to the other side of the court, which 15 LBC’s.  The original plan (per my winkie/weinkie/wanky?) was a repeat of 3 cycles of this.  However, when I realized I wasn’t going to die during the 3rd cycle, I increased it to 4 times over and 4 times back.

Next:  A nice mosey to a crowd favorite:  the hill.  Start at the bottom with 10 Jump Squats/Jump Lunges (a slight debate on what they were called), followed with lunges to the top of the hill.  Come down however you like (walk, run, roll, etc.).  Repeat for a count of 4 cycles.  Next:  Some Lateral Merkins, to a count of 10.  Follow this with some nice Quadrifilia.  Repeat for 4 cycles.  Next: Coupon time.   15 bicep curls with coupon (rock) followed by a nice bear crawl to the top of the hill.  Repeat for 4 cycles.  Last:  Triceps curls with coupon, followed by a sprint to the top of the hill.  Repeat for 4 cycles (Was it 4?  My brain was getting foggy at this point).

Final step:  Mosey to the gazebo. Break into pairs with one starting with step ups on the bench with the other took a jog around the swings/gazebo area.  Followed with this LBC’s and a jog, then rounded it out with squats and a jog.  After the group was all in, did 15-20 inclined Merkins on the benches.

Made a mosey back to the flags.  Did the head count, some announcements, and rounded it out with another one of my awkward prayers.

Good workout, good group, good times.  

Joe Ayers

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