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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Roll Out Your Oyster

  • When: 3/25/21
  • QIC: Mayweather
  • The PAX: Popeye, Skinner, BCR, Private Ryan, Flutie, Frostbite, Hops, Anvil, Indy, Tombstone, Wham, Look me up, Spud, Franchise


Mosey 14 steps to Rock Garden

SSH x20ic

Loose Change x10ic

IST x10ic



County Fair style grinder hitting 5 stations around the AO


Rock Garden – overhead press x10

Shelter – Freddie Mercuries x20ic

Pull Up Bars – pull-ups x5 

Marea – Air Squats x10

Entrance – PUSH UPS x10


Repeato until 0600 and then come together for a series of exercises that Q doesn’t remember because he made that part up on the spot.  Then head to Mary for some stretching – both of the muscles and of the time to get to 0615. 



Phidip and his noble quest

Community of Boulder, CO

Praises for Wham’s courage to step up and commit to his VQ next Wednesday



The perfect answer to Popeye’s revenge tour the day before, the Q was aiming for something that would be a good recovery for Wednesday’s survivors but still challenging enough to show Popeye it was possible to include some running without murdering 16 good men to death.  ASEC is truly blessed ground, I’ve never been anywhere else where you can run in a giant circle and it is only downhill – the antithesis of the Mugga Death March we were subjected to just 24 hours prior.  I was honored to see some faces that have been missing from action lately who said they showed up strictly because they knew they could count on me to not be some kind of psychopath.  However good it was to see these loyal friends, nothing fills the emptiness in my heart left by the blinding absence of those who claim to be my closest friends.  El Ab has yet to attend one of my Q’s EVER, and I think about that all the time while I listen to Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin.  Perhaps the most noticeable character missing from our story today was Deertick. Especially since this workout was specifically designed for him to not really do very much, even more less than usual.  When Indy parked his glorious Toyota pickup truck and got out I stood there smiling as I waited for my muse to hop out right behind him.  But the truck was still and silent as Indy walked away from it.  I thought surely he must have forgotten to unbuckle Deertick from his car seat and let him out, but as it turned out Deertick’s only loyalty was to the seductive enchantment of the fart sack. 


Proud of Wham for stepping up and committing to his VQ.  We all remember when we took that big step, and it’s like anything else we’ve done for the first time – We probably made a much bigger deal about it in our heads than we needed to.  Stress about doing it well, or even doing it right at all and not screwing up, wanting to be perfect.  I know I wanted mine to be awesome (obviously it was), something memorable that would live up to some unreasonable standard I unjustifiably held myself to.  But when it comes down to it I’m reminded of advice my first platoon sergeant gave me when I was a cherry-ass boot LT about to lead a group of guys better than me into combat for the first time.  Good enough is good enough.  The only wrong answer is to do nothing, just get up there and lead and the rest will fall into place.  That applies everywhere in our lives.  We don’t have to know the perfect thing to say or have all the answers, but we’ve got to step up, get off the sideline, and get into the game. It is easy to blame all our problems on others.  Hell we all do it constantly, including me – the customer, the boss, the wife, the government, the left, the right, they, they, they, they.  But it’s rarely ever “me” or “we”. The world sucks, but we can bitch it into getting better on its own and see how far that gets us, or we can take some personal accountability for ourselves and what we can do to make it better.  Q’ing is great practice for that on a smaller scale.  The most surefire way to guarantee there won’t be burpees is to take the Q yourself, because you can’t count on some of these maniacs out here.  And then go apply that initiative to the other problems in your life.  Then, and only then, will you ever truly Live, Laugh, and Love.  AYEEEEEEEE

Bay City Roller

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