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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Mugga’s ugly stepsister,

  • When: Popeye
  • QIC: 3/24/21
  • The PAX: Spud Hops LMU Mountie Tombstone Psycho T Never land Luthor Mayweather Snake eyes Scooter TP Fire chicken Finish line

Several pax said this was a perfect morning to run. As a benevolent ruler, I obliged.

Warm up

Mosey to the top of the old deck
SSH x20
Mountain climbers x20
Arm circles


Run downhill along Cabarrus Ave to the greenway entrance.

Grab a rock, curls x10, overhead presses x10, then mosey to the tunnel for 10 Mike Tyson’s.

Next we moseyed further down the trail for 10 WW2’s.

Finally up the hill on the greenway to the end of the fence for 5 incline burpees (burpees but on an incline).

Repeato until Mary

Mary was planking for those that bugged out early. No Mary for those that stayed until the bitter end.


This was a very simple but effective workout. I could tell from the constructive feedback and chatter about running back up the hill to Mary. I hate hills so I run them. It’s quicker that way. Others were expecting a leisurely stroll with Mary Poppins through the park. Sorry Mayweather (not sorry).

The weather made it borderline enjoyable this morning. 15 pax represented. Tombstone is still paying the price for introducing us to Mike Tyson’s. We got a reminder of our group pledge for Phidip’s efforts at coffeetetia. The Rowan Rock dude is still offering to match so I say we all pitch in $25 to bridge the gap. If at least 20 of us give, we’ll hit our number.

Prayers were offered for Private Ryan and his wife Jenny as they had a recent death in their family. Prayers also for the victims, families, and citizens of Boulder, CO. While we can’t do much personally for them, I would encourage everyone to think of someone you know, you might even like them, and do a random act of kindness or generosity for them in order to balance the cosmic scales and bring some decency back into the world. Remind those around you that this can be a good world but it takes a conscious effort and Catfish-level determination. Leave the world a better place than when you found out. Peace be to everyone.


Bay City Roller

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