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F3 MeCa | April 19, 2021

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No Greek, antimony (Sb) is not the same as alimony!

  • When: 3/23/2021
  • QIC: Poutine
  • The PAX: Pony Boy, Hugo, Disaster, Moop Dog, Gordo, Quicksilver, Gumby, Greek, Powerball, Shazam, Poutine

10 of Highlands smartest joined YHC for the celebration of 51 year young!  As a test, YHC decided to Q all 3 bootcamps at Highlands today just to prove a point that age is simply a number.  It was a nice 51F  (might have rounded off that one) as well, so what a great way to start our day.  A full disclaimer was given, which as always, excluded Canada from any liability.  We moseyed to the back of HCE doing carioca from right to left and then switched side.  Mumblechatter was already in full form even before we circled up for warmarama.


  1. Mummy  IC x19
  2. Skiers   IC x15
  3. Prisoner Squats IC x13
  4. Gremlin x11
  5. Plank-A-Rena x5


This beatdown incorporated some trivia questions around the #51.  All correct answers to the questions were deducted from the total number of burpees planned at the end of the beatdown.  All exercises below had a partner counter with each partner taking turns counting.  We did 3 rounds of 17 (51 total) of the exercises below.  Again, partner 1 keeps going until partner 2 completes his 17 reps.

QUESTION 1:  March 23rd is the XXnd day of the year?  Answer:  82nd  – Great job @disaster

Partner 1                                              Partner 2 (Counter)    3 rounds

  1. Pick Ups                                          Merkins                                        x17
  2. Plank hold                                       Jump Knee Tucks                        x17
  3. Bunny Hops                                    Plank Jack                                    x17

Mosey around parking lot for Doomsday Clock – Squat Hold + Jump = 51

Question 2: Name 3 famous athletes who wore #51?  Answer:  Dick Butkus, Randy Johnson, Ichiro, Bernie Williams, Ken Norton jr. Sam Mills – Great job @disaster and @powerball

  1. Heels to Heaven                             Donkey Kicks                               x17
  2. CDD                                                Apollo Ono      (2=1)                     x17    Audible was called after first round due to too much bitching so CDD became counting exercises
  3. Freddy Mercury                               Power Squats                              x17

Question 3:  Which element has the atomic number 51?  Answer:  Antimony  The PAX didn’t get this one and Greek had Antimony confused with alimony.

Mosey around parking for Doomsday Clock Merkins = 51

Question 4:  What is another name for the famous Homey Airport?  Answer:   Area 51  Great job @ponyboy

Question 5: Which state is Area 51 in?  Answer:  Nevada  Great job to ???

  1. Plank Skiers                                     Tricep Dips                                   x17
  2. Jump Lunges                                   Incline merkins                            x17
  3. Mason Twist                                     Star Jumps                                    x17

Question 6:  Highway 51 is only in Mecklenburg county and connects which 3 towns?          Answer:  Pineville, Matthews, Mint Hill  – Great job @disaster

Mosey back to the front of the school for Marry while answering some questions on the wosey.

Question 7:  When dialing out of the country, country code 51 is for which country?  Answer: Peru – great job @hugo. The PAX practically named all countries starting in P so YHC gave it to them. Feeling generous!


  1. Stretches –
    1. left foot over right and reach down. Hold for 10 counts then flap jack
    2. Hand next to foot – other hand reaches up and then flap jack



  • Welcome @quicksilver to Highlands from Race City (Mooresville)
  • Prayers for @ponyboy mom who will have shoulder surgery on Friday.
  • Prayers for @shazam and his family as they are going through the process of adopting Jesiah, who is 3 years old and has a medical condition that will eventually lead to a liver transplant.
  • Prayers for @onj and the entire Asian community as they face an increase in various forms of attacks (physical, verbal, etc).  It is absolutely disturbing and heartbreaking that some people will purposely attack others because of race, or because they are different than they are. I am so thankful that F3 is open to all men.  Let’s continue to expand that mission outside of F3 and into our community and speak up when we see and hear things that are simply wrong!
  • YHC admits that this group is a lot smarter than they look!  Congrats on the trivia answers.  YHC had a good time with it and hope the same goes for all.
  • Thanks again for the food pantry donations.  Shout out to @gordo who’s contributed generously more than once. YHC knows you are probably tired of hearing about the same thing.  But YHC assumes that not too many of us have ever been hungry to the point where it hurts while looking at an empty fridge. So for those who have the means to do so, go spend generously on groceries for those kids who will benefit from the food pantry.  Bring your kids shopping, and they will show you what being generous is all about, especially if you show them the grocery list of food options.
  • Has always, it was a pleasure leading this morning!



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