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F3 MeCa | April 19, 2021

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Full Body Workout at the Vet

  • When: 03/20/21
  • QIC: Pantene
  • The PAX: Hot Corner, The Body, Toughskins, Starbucks, Epsilon, Delta

Another Saturday, another full body workout from yours truly, Pantene.  On this day we started with a Pax count of 4, but eventually we had a few special guests arrive midway through the workout, so the Pax count total was 6.  Your Q host was Pantene, of course.  I scoped out the park to find that once again my soccer field was closed, as well as the tennis courts, so I was glad that I had several other options on my workout list (winkie, weinke, SP?). Started at 7am with the disclaimer and a nice mosey over to the monument to get the morning started.

The Warmup:

20 Side Straddle Hops, 20 Windmills, 20 Mountain Climbers, 20 LBC’s, 15 Dolly Partons, and 15 Merkins.  Fortunately I was able to remember the “in cadence” terminology.  I also appreciated the enthusiasm of Starbucks.

The Workout:

A nice mosey to the hill.  Started with something a little different: What I will call “side step Merkins.”  Required a side step back and forth to a count of 4, then a drop into a Merkin.  This was done to the count of 10, then some Quadrifilia to the top of the hill.  Initially I said we were going to do 5 rounds of this.  However, after 2 rounds and feeling like I was going to pass out, I dropped it to 4 (and nobody complained).  Next: time to grab a coupon (rock).   Did 15 biceps curls with said coupon, followed by a bear crawl to the top of the hill. Repeat this for 5 rounds.  Next: triceps curls with coupon, followed by more bear crawls up the hill; repeat for 5 rounds.  Last: my famous 1-2-3-4 squats (count of 10) with a nice lunge up the hill.  Repeat for 4 rounds.

Next:  Mosey to the field in the back of the park.  Line up the Pax across from the tree line.  Each of us got to call out an exercise as the next in line ran down to the trees and back.  Did some Merkinks, LBC’s, squats, side straddle hops, and 12 inches.

Next:  A nice mosey to the handball courts.  I was persuaded by Toughskins to run the “long” way to the handball courts through the woods.  Since I love running so much, I obliged.   We were then met by our special guests of Delta and Epsilon.  Once to the handballs courts we participated in:  People’s Chair featuring some nice Air Presses (count of 25 or 30…at this point my brain was foggy).  Followed by some Balls  to the Wall Merkins, count of 10.   Repeated the People’s Chair/Air Presses/Balls to Wall Merkins an additional 2 times.  This rounded out the workout.

Mosey to the parking lot.  Name-o-Rama, some announcements, and then followed up with the prayer to wrap it all up.

I think it was a pretty successful workout.  Good times.


Joe Ayers

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