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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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mini master!!!

so i had this planned and lo and behold our inglorious MQ whines he wants to do the workout, so i not so happily indulged him and catered to his futile capabilities to construe a new workout, and wouldn’t you know it oh i have such a headache i cant make it ????? WTHeck but per usual his absence has caused an increase in our numbers so all is well!!

To all this workout is on him!!!!!!

Warm O Rama

Indian Run with Old Glory to ballpark entrance, picking up the kannon along the way! post Old Glory, was that toppy calling out gunny for indian walking???

circle up: ssh’s, bden’s, ist’s, gm’s, ray lewis, michael phelps


mosey to wells fargo for welsh dragons!!! bottom of lot start at one and work up to 10

welsh dragon 1 bear crawl, 1 merican, 1 set shoulder taps, 1 plank jack (steel Kannon has long limbs or cant count and kudos to shooter 3catepillar mericanrd set of dragons this week!)

mosey to dale for stiyb’s ask toppy what this acronym is!!!!! circle up

stiyb’s 1 squat 2 monkey humpers add one and double the other each time up to 10 and 20!

mosey to bullpen for caterpillar mericans big sighs here at the base of the bullpiin

catepillar merican hold plank in line up hill 1st man partner mericans his way up the line and assumes place in line untill all have made the trip!

mosey back to ballpark gate for motivators!!

motivators are so fun big country says its a cover for non stop bunny hops!!!! 1 up to 10!

indian run back to Mary!


circle and hold low plank until last man stands!!! 3 called time at 4 minutes, bd, toppy, and java!


Prayers to a PAX we all are battling something lean on each other brutha! and lean on the Lord! but do not lean on yourself! oh and drink WATER!!!!!

again this one was on GM, blame him! it was a good one! i hope all enjoyed, i know i did, it was an honor and until we meet again!




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