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F3 MeCa | April 14, 2021

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Good Lord Sir Topham…get it right!

  • When: 03/02/21
  • QIC: Sir Topham
  • The PAX: Solocup, Kojak, Wexler, Birdcage, Coppertone, Deadhead, Trainwreck, Tartar, Big Bird, dicktracy, chaos, Bearclaw, Practice, Pole Pole, Tumber

YHC woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed in the gloom for my Harrisburg VQ.  Little did I know I would try to screw the hold thing up on the exercise call out!  Dredd would not be happy with me right now.  Thankfully I had a new found very calm Solocup to help guide me along.  Thankfully he had been seeking counseling this week so he took it easy on me!

Warmup – SSH, Hillbillies, Penny Pickers (known in Kannon as Backdraft Saturday Nights or BSN’s) and arm circles.

The Thang – A few rounds of prostitute as we worked the corners.  First light post 5 Burpees, next light post 5 down dog merks, next light post 5 squats and last light post was 5 core killers.  each round go up by 5 to 15 and then back down to 10 and then 5.

The Thang part two – Mosey to teacher parking lot but 1 quick stop for one sprint.  At the parking lot.  We did broad jumps to other from one parking section to the next.  Stopped for 20 LBC’s.  Mosey back to start for bunny hops and 40 LBC.  Lunge walk back to start 10 diamond merkins and repeat once more.

The Thang part three – mosey to picnic benches by the ball field.  20 Step ups (10 each leg), 20 dips, 10 decline merkins and 10 incline merkins

Mosey back to Mary –  On your six for 21 Flutter Kicks and 21 Boxcutters (I figured I already screwed up the exercise call outs so let’s keep it going with odd numbers!  Finish with a new item brought to Kannon called the Bohemian Rhapsody 10 count.  That is a slow Freddy Mercury.  10 5 each side slow Freddy Mercury’s with a 5 second hold finished with a normal 10 count IC Freddy Mercury. Finished with a little stretching and then recover, recover was called.

Moleskin – First of all thank you guys for allowing me to lead and for showing me a little grace for my mistakes!  I think I really confused Solocup and Dicktracy.  I had Kojak and Tumbler whispering to help me at the end so I didn’t screw it up again.  My fellow Kannon brothers are going to learn a thing or two coming up.  No more slacking by us!  The first round was tough, and as always we are chasing Kojak.  Birdcage and Wexler put in miles before the workout.  Overachievers!  All men put in great effort and it was a good beatdown for sure.

Prayers – The Shank family in their loss, Curyan for his brain tumor and us as men!

It was an honor to lead great men today!

Sir Topham


Thomas DeBoyace

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