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F3 MeCa | February 27, 2021

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Playing cards solo while it is raining

  • When: 2/22/2021
  • QIC: Poutine
  • The PAX: Poutine, with Illuminati, Shazam, and Powerball doing the murph and at Greek stopping by to say hello

YHC looked up the forecast last night and saw it didn’t look too good. Since nobody picked up the Mettle Q = 15 rep, YHC decided to pick it up since it would bring accountability and eliminate the fartsack temptation due to rain.  YHC showed up at the SportsClub at 5:20 am and the gate was still shut but fortunately not locked.  YHC opened the gate and then proceeded to the back of the parking lot where the silhouette of a pax could be seen doing squats by the picnic table under the covered area.  That silhouette happened to be our very own @powerball who got an early start before the start of the first LNC High bell.  A few minutes later, @illuminati and @shazam showed up ready for the Murph.  They kindly invited YHC to join the Murph, but the invitation was kindly declined.  YHC decided to stick to mettle under the covered area with a deck of cards.  A disclaimer was given and we moseyed our separate ways.


  • Mummy x19
  • SSH x15
  • Weed Picker x10
  • Line Hopx x15


Last night, YHC thought about what could be done under the small covered area that would require very little real estate but provide max strength and conditioning.  YHC thought about the Deck of Cards which went like this;

  • Heart = Squat Thrusters
  • Club = Curls
  • Spade = Skull Crushers
  • Diamond = Lawnmowers (2 = 1)
  • Joker = 25 KB Swings

When a card is flipped, the number on the card represents the number of reps.  For the face cards, Ace and Joker, it was as follow:

  • Jack = 11 reps
  • Queen = 12 reps
  • King = 13 reps
  • Ace = 15 reps

Next time, YHC need to shuffle the deck a little better because several face cards Hearts were back to back, which got YHC’s heart rate going.

The entire deck was finished at 6:05, which gave YHC time for MARRY alone.


  • Toe touches x15
  • LBC x25
  • Low Flutters x25 (2=1)
  • Bicycles x15

By now, the Murph “Boys” were back in the parking lot which, after some chatter, @shazam closed it out with a prayer



  • Great work by @powerball for getting a 4:45 am start so he could complete the Murph alone in the rain.  Great dedication and discipline
  • Great job by @illuminati and @shazam for also completing the Murch in the rain
  • Nice to see @Greek stopping by to say hello. Huge shout out for cruising solo this morning in the cold rain. That is some dedication and discipline.
  • The deck of cards will make another mettle appearance since YHC didn’t get to share with anyone this am.
  • Signing up to Q is the best way to hold yourself accountable.
  • Still time to set your 2021 Post Goals. Without goals, you are simply looking at wishes!
  • Prayers for @shazam and their foster child Jesiah.  We pray that all tests will come back normal and that the court hearing will also do what is best for Jesiah, and that is for him to remain with Shazam and his loving family.
  • Have a great week!



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