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F3 MeCa | February 28, 2021

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Mardi Gras Parade F3 Style at RS

  • When: 02/16/21
  • QIC: Pox
  • The PAX: Detention, Golden Boy, HeatStroke, Marie Calendar, Wrong Way, Loveseat, Chewbacha, Life Alert, Chachi, Pox

After yesterday’s lower body beatdown, it was brought to the Pax attention that no one had signed up to lead today’s workout, so YHQ hit the sign-up genius and decided on a Mardi Gras themed Parade workout with some exercises which have been absent for sometime.  Beads were included but no flashing was required.  It went down like this:

Warm-o-rama: SSH, Pass out colored beads to the Pax, various exercises including Peter Parkers and Parker Peters, air squats, etc.

Parade work:

  • Everyone lines up for an Indian-Run to second entrance to middle school (Heat-stroke peels off for some track work)
  • Bourbon Street Bear Crawl: Single file line, back Pax bear crawls to front, does 10 squats, and waits turn to bear crawl again (went through line ~8 times = 80 squats each)
  • Beignet March: Two lines (divided by bead color) – Lunge walk, toy soldier, lunge walk all In Cadance
  • Two line mosey to stairs for two rounds of spidey staircase (backward crawl up stairs with merkin at each step)
  • Kakalaka street dancing – single file line on sidewalk in front of school
    • Kakalaka Congo line IC
    • Kakalaka Choo Choo
  • French Quarter work on benches and planters, break into 4 stations per bead color, rotate around clockwise, we got to three rounds (plan was 4):
    • 5 Big Easy Burpee jump ups
    • 5 Step-ups (each leg)
    • 5 Decline merkins (round 1 and 2) and LBCs (round 3)
    • 5 Dips (round 1 and 2) and leg raises (round 3)
  • Indian Run back to elementary parking lot
  • King Cake circle merk – 5 rounds
  • La Maison Twist x 20


  • Not sure Mardi Gras really lends itself to a special workout, but YHQ did what he could.
    • Note, creativity failed me on the spidey staircase, Pax suggestions for a Mardi Gras name appreciated
  • I wasn’t expecting the Congo line to take down so many of the Pax (@ getting dizzy)
  • Sorry to Pax, no post-workout beignets – you will have to fatten up on your own
  • On February 16, 2021

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