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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Another day of rain

  • When: 02/13/21
  • QIC: Shooter
  • The PAX: Hokie Pokie, Guinness, Chachi, Audit, Hop Hunter, Grassy Knoll, Ringo, Loveboat, Shooter

The skies looked angry, at least they did on the radar map.  But that didn’t stop five men from coming out to the Saturday morning boot camp, along with a trio of runners and a pair of ruckers an hour earlier.  As Carl Spackler said, “I don’t think the heavy stuff’s gonna come down for quite awhile.”

YHC was did a quick sock change from the rainy ruck and then we were off for a lap around the loop trail. We stopped midway for our warmorama of: SSH x25, IST x20, Penny Pickers x15, Toy Soldiers x10, Windmills x5, all IC.  We continued around the loop, checking the dryness of the pavilion by tennis courts and then back to the main area of the park. The FiA crowd was much larger than usual and bigger than our F3 crowd, so we swapped pavilions. Although we should have held out for the doughnuts they had for their pax.  Unfortunately FiA wasn’t in a sharing mode today. Everybody knows F3 pax love the Krispys and Dunkins.

YHC fired up some tunes and we did a couple of ladders with an ascending 1:4 count, going up to 5:20. The two sets included Merkin Jax and Jack Webbs.

Next up we’re there’s sets of  a group of five exercises: 5 eight count body builders, 10 overhead claps, 15 WWIIs, 20 Merkins, 25 Squats.

We moved all to a dice game. Each of the four die had a group of exercises the pax performed.  We took about 6-7 turns rolling the dice,  before we moved to Mary, which included 10 counts of Hello Dollies, Homer to Marge, Low Flutters, Pretzel Crunches and wrapping up with a People’s Chair against the pillar.

Praise and prayers as Chachi starts a new job this week.  Our creek cleanup has been moved to 2/27 and don’t forget next Saturday, the Can-Can event, to pack the shelves of St James’ food bank.

Always a pleasure and honor to lead.


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