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F3 MeCa | February 27, 2021

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Round and Round

  • When: 2/11/21
  • QIC: Private Ryan
  • The PAX: Indy, Homeland, El Ab, Spud, Deertick, Ace, Tombstone, Hops, Hip, Total Package, Checkmate, Trick, Java, Skinner


  • Mosey long way around ASEC to back parking lot.
  • 15 SSH
  • 10 count, loose change, then to left and right
  • 15 mtn climbers
  • 10 mercs
  • arm circles

The Thang:

  • CIrcuit around AO
  • 10 of each
    • reverse sit-up thing under shelter
    • mosey to pull-up bar: do those
    • mosey to lower parking lot:  burpees
    • mosey to rock pile: curl to skull crusher
    • mosey longway back to shelter
    • repeato, reducing by 1


  • down dog
  • runners stretch
  • updog
  • soap drop


Solid all around:  PAX, conversation, effort.

It was just a gaggle of bad dudes that wanted a beat down and coffee.

All handled without a single groan.

Sure, El Ab did his own thing about 3 minutes into it.  And Java lapped everyone before El Ab audibled.  And yes, Indy and Tick chattered like a couple women two Chardonnays deep at a book club.   And for sure, Tombstone missed his yin to his yang in Catfish.  And of course, Ace’s form on pull-ups was beyond reproach.  And undoubtedly, it was a way better Q than LMU’s yesterday.

But lots of things go without saying.

Always fun-


Bay City Roller

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