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F3 MeCa | February 27, 2021

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Just Another Tuesday

  • When: 2/9/21
  • QIC: Luthor
  • The PAX: Waterboy, Deertick, Psycho T, Homeland, Hipbone, BCR, Wham, Spud, Neverland, Scooter, Trick, Skinner, Fire Chicken, Private Ryan, Indy, Tombstone, Catfish


Mosey to mall parking lot:

Various Stretches

2 minute plank and some core work

The Thang:

Mosey to top level of deck:

Round of Jack Webbs

Ran top level with exercise at every corner; Mike Tyson’s; star jumps; 60 wall sit; 5 burpee’s. Each round as you pass down ramp, run down and back up quadromania

Mosey back at ASEC:

Plank waiting on all participants.

A few stretches


Prayers said for Cole, a child going into surgery today; finish line who just tested positive. And all struggling.

18 strong this morning. Weather was beautiful. Last second rule I added was to stop workout and give 5 burpee’s for any Duke trash talk. It was triggered twice, both by catfish. Coffeteria was the best part as usual, although Catfish had to travel and it was odd not seeing him by that post at GWC. Still a wonderful group.

Today, send send someone a text who you think could use a few kind words

You guys are the best


Bay City Roller

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