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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Pox’s Deck of Death…notice to Pax, the deck is stacked

12 hours prior to launch, both Weather Underground and the Weather Channel agreed, at 530AM in the gloom there would be torrential downpours.  As such, YHQ planned for a fully covered under the awning deck of death.  10 stoners arrived (actually 8 arrived ontime) for all the festivities and were treated to exactly no rain for the entire workout.  Anyways, it went something like this:

Mosey to BB court for warm-o-rama: SSH, AS, windmills, dive-bombers, merkins (tempo), toe touches, mosey to covered area

The thang: Pox’s deck of death, pull a card and perform per instructions; after each Pax pulls one card, take a quick lap around the playground and move to the next set of exercise.  Careful, the deck is stacked.  We got through all rounds and a few extra cards to boot.


  • Lots of fun today; I enjoyed stacking the deck last night (replaced all 3, 4, and most 5, 6, 7s with 2s, Aces, and face cards) – there are only 52 card in Pox’s deck.
  • Great work by Pax, including those new to doing their IC (Chewy, Stork, and Detention) – all did great and now are ready and trained to Q the next workout – time to step-up men!
  • I didn’t keep count, but it sure felt like we did a lot of burpees (the 2-Jack combo is killer) and  air presses
  • Sugar commented it was like the old days of F3, before there was an official deck of death, couldn’t agree more, YHQ is old-school (or just cheap).

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