Did you know today is my sister’s birthday? #LetsCelebrate

Ahoy!  11 pax posted for a kettlebell workout that became a birthday celebration for my sister.

The Thang:

The birthday theme of the workout used the numbers 11, 21, and 46, since its 1/11/21 and my sis turns 46 today.

Warm-up COP: SSH x 46, Penny Pickers x 11, Don Quixote x 11

YHC selected 11 exercises and started the HIIT timer for 21 secs of exercise and 11 secs of rest.  We completed 5 cycles with 46 secs of plank between each.

Exercises included: KB Swings, KB Curls, Parking lot sprint, Pull-ups, Dips, KB Overhead Press, KB Squats, Plank Jacks, Burpees, KB Bench Press, Apollo Ohno

Finish with some Mary: Low flutter, Mason Twist, Pretzel stick, crunchy frog, and plank.

Birthday Moleskin:

  1. Thanks for joining me to celebrate this special occasion. #sistersbirthday
  2. Great seeing @Gamma, @Heatstroke, and @Mandown join us for a Monday morning. #alwayswelcome
  3. Go spend money at Sweet Spot and Pippas today! #takeouttuesdayonamonday #fundraiserforofficershupingfamily
  4. The Gremlin is happening 1/30/21! Sign-up to participate or volunteer. We still need at least one truck driver to support the pax during the event. #signup
  5. Thanks for the birthday song during the ending plank. #mysisterisatwin
  6. Prayers for @kilowatt, Uncle Dave, jobs for unemployed, covid, country, peace! #GodBless