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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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Cold and Covid-Free (?)

  • When: 1/7/21
  • QIC: PR
  • The PAX: Neverland, Grover, Homeland, Waterboy, Spud, Catfish, Tombstone, Fire Chicken, Look Me Up, Luthor, PR

11 cold souls showed and were treated with 40 uninterrupted minutes of physical fitness.


  • HIgh knees, butt-kicks, karaoke around ASEC parking lot.
  • Left over right, right over left
  • Soap drop
  • 10 walk-out merks
  • Arm-circles

The Thang:

  • All conducted in lower parking lot
  • 100 SSH, a suicide run
  • 90 second plank, suicide
  • 80 LBC’s, suicide
  • 70 merks suicide
  • 60 squats, suicide
  • 50 bench dips, suicide
  • 40 v-ups, suicide
  • 30 dry docks, suicide
  • 20 burpees, suicide
  • 10 pull-ups, long route around ASEC
  • repeato


  • down dog
  • runners stretch
  • updog
  • childs pose

Prayer request/announcements:

Prayers for Mrs. Grady (home from hospital), Catfish’s inlaws (father-in-law contracted Covid), FC’s father, F3’s impact, and our country.


Despite his best efforts FC couldn’t scare aware some of the baddest men in Cabarrus (and Rowan) County.  QIC kept it close to max out workout time.  Less moseying, more pain.  This beatdown is a slight modification to my stuck at home/hotel/wherever workout.  It’s intended to be a one-round burnout, excercise.  But everyone got well into repeato-time due to be extra fast and awesome.  Pretty sure all (begrudgingly) hit the 140 merk mark.  Coffeeteria was at it’s best and lengthy until some fans of the football school, UNC, wanted to talk basketball, and LMU decided to dip out.

These really are the best mornings despite what your brain tells you when the alarm goes off stupidly early.

An honor


  • On January 7, 2021

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