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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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say it slowly R U N!!

  • When: 01/04/21
  • QIC: bd
  • The PAX: backdraft, grandmaster, gunny, cupid, squid, big country, burgh, topham, risky, strippy

Time to stretch it out for the New Year, and find out how bad we behaved during the Holidays!! 10 strong posted to knock the dust off and see exactly where we need to go in this New Year. Over the river and thru the woods we covered 5 to 5.5 for some miles. Pace was strong but not without pain and suffering!!! (GM rolled an kankle and with all that weight, WOW!)

Warm O Rama

Warm up? we dont need no stinking warm up! RUN!


No time for Dah Mary!!!

We ran over on time by about 10 minutes but all wanted to push out the 5 and Big Sexy I mean Country says he could have done 6! whoop!

Prayers for All lets push and get better in this New Year Men! Yield and but on the New Body God has provided for us and leave the Old Body behind!!!

Coffeteria oh Yeh!!!!




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