Davis Lake Football Try Outs

Today 4 pax tried out for the DL lake football team in a frigid 18 degrees. It started off poorly with my 1st step being on ice and sliding out of my truck, slamming onto my running boards and rolling across the ground. Luckily it was more comical than serious pain and the workout continued (almost) as planned. I did a serious disclaimer due to the ice and the activities planned.

Warm o rama
Side Straddle hops
Center hikes (AKA Penny picker)
Cleat tiers (Windmill)

5 burpee penalty anytime someone was caught walking on the field.

The thing:
Partner up into two teams, Lucky dog and King Julian, FNG Matlock and YHC (R2D2)

Pain Stations, 3 minute timer.

1. Football drills:
Parking lot Passes. Back up 1 space for each completed pass. Drop = 5 burpees Completion = 10 merkins

2. Tire or Brick Partner work: X10 each, 2×4’s through the center hole. The DL big tire trucks proved to be unbelievably heavy but manageable.
Overhead Press
Overhead Side to Side
Squat press

3. Cinder Blocks
20 Curls
40 Chest Presses

Let the game begin:

Flag football, Red Vs Yellow, 4 downs to turnover. Blitz pass allowed. At the end of each play there are exercises depending on what happened.

Complete pass: Defensive Penalty: 5 burpees, Offensive Reward: Mountain climbers

Yardage gain: Defensive Penalty: 5 merkins per Parking spot Line (max 20), Offensive Reward: Mountain climbers

Touch down: Defensive Penalty: Partner wheel barrow length of field, Offensive hold the ankles

Dropped/Blocked pass: Offensive Penalty: 10 burpees Defensive Reward: Mountain climbers

Final Score: King Julian and Lucky dog: 1, Matlock and YHC (R2D2): 0.

This turned out to be too hazardous with the ice. Poor King Julian took a hard slip and hit hard CLAIMING he was going to catch my hail mary pass to FNG Matlock (who knows if that was true). He’s tough and got up to continue playing but I called an audible. We moseyed back and forth while throwing the ball on the run.