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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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Big Blue 55 Birthday Bash

  • When: 12/02/20
  • QIC: Big Blue
  • The PAX: Zacchaeus, Guinness, Bravo, Phidippedes, Spaz, Kojak, Porto, Hokie Pokie, Opie, Audit, Iron City, Shooter, Hop Hunter, Moolah,

The weather man promised a nice cool morning with temps below 30 for the first time in a while.  With the low temps I wasn’t expecting a large crowd but was pleasantly surprised when 14 of Afton’s finest men came out to brave the cold morning. Short disclaimer was given and off we went.


Warm-a-rama: Take a couple of laps around the parking lot with high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, lateral slides.

SSH IC x 55, IST IC x 15, Penny Pickers IC x 10, Windmill (Abe Vigoda style) IC x 10

Mosey across street to medical building


The Thang: Big Blue Suicides –

1st line 5 burpees, back to start,

2nd line 10 lunges (each leg) but also perform 5 burpees each time you pass 1st line, coming and going.

3rd line 15 RBC but also perform 5 burpees at 1st line and 10 lunges at 2nd line coming and going.

4th line 20 Merkins plus the burpees, lunges and RBC coming and going.

5th line 25 squats plus burpees, lunges, RBC and merkins coming and going.

One lap around medical building (so I can return the cones I borrowed from back of building).

Mosey back to shelter.


One Punch Man Tabata style workout – 35 secs work, 10 sec rest, 16 total sets of the following



Towel Pull-ups


Diamond Merkins

squat with 3 sec hold

towel pull-ups

Leg raises

Merkins with 5 count on the way down

jump squat with 3 sec hold

towel pull-ups

freddie mercury (slow IC)

Diamond Merkins with 5 count on the way down

Lunges, jump squat, with 3 sec hold

towel pull-ups

freddie  mercury (super slow IC)


Mary: Low flutter IC x 55, Dying cockroach IC x 10, pretzel crunch IC x 10 (each side), Recover recover.


Prayers: Otto’s M and family, 4-wide (knee), all those needing healing and our prayers.  Thanks for all blessings especially this F3 group.


Mole Skin: Always a pleasure to lead, I still get an adrenaline rush when I Q even after almost 5 years of doing this.  I appreciate all the support this morning especially considering the cold temperatures.  I thank each of you for being part of my F3 family and sincerely appreciate the friendships we have developed.  Another year under my belt, here’s to many more.

Big Blue

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