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F3 MeCa | May 10, 2021

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Might Have Lost My Gold Member Status

  • When: 11/25/20
  • QIC: @Pocahontas
  • The PAX: Birdcage, Wexler, Winger, Tumbler, Punchout, Exit 54, Clueless, Solo Cup, Deadhead, Pocahontas

10 men came out on a brisk morning to tackle the Pitchfork.

You guys know the route, so let’s get to the fun part.  YHC wakes up and thinks “huh, I wonder what time it is and how long I have until the alarm goes off at 4:25.”  Checks watch.  It’s 5:19.  Well $#!%.  Maybe it’s just me that always has this fear that I’m going to be the idiot that is late or no-shows on their lead day, and so I usually set multiple alarms, etc.  I guess I got a little cocky and forgot any extra precautions.  So after racing out the door and speeding over to Abbington, I pull into the parking lot at 5:32 as the group rolled out down French Fields.  So I quickly put my shoes on since I hadn’t even done that yet and chase after everyone.  Good news is, if there is ever a workout that you can afford to be late to, it’s the pitchfork.  Basically everyone knows it.  Not saying that others should do that, but just saying.  So as I run after everyone I’m preparing myself for the expected and completely warranted abuse for being late to my own Q I start thinking if there’s like some penalty system that I’m now a part of.  Like do I lose skyclub privileges for an allotted time period until I work back into the good graces of F3.  Is there a censure process I have to deal with?  Will I get a strongly worded email from the head Q expressing their disappointment and reiterating how important it is for leaders to, ya know, show up and lead.  Maybe I’m the only one who’s mind races and goes through all of these scenarios on a simple 40 minute run, but those were fun mental conversations to have with myself.  Thankfully the PAX here at Harrisburg is awesome, understanding, and forgiving.

  • Great job by Birdcage and Wexler to get out early and do 4 laps (and then some).
  • Exit 54 was leading the way as usual, making 3 laps in 45 seem so effortless.
  • Good to see Punchout, Winger, and Tumbler come out for the pitchfork


  • Turkey Bowl is tomorrow 0700 at Harrisburg Park.  For those wanting to get a run in, Dawghouse and Afton both put things out for their opportunities tomorrow.  5:30 and 7:00 respectively.
  • F3 MECA Pop-Up Blood Drive is 12/11 at Prosperity Church. See @Wexler for details.
  • Huntersville Half Marathon is 12/12. @Phidippides is planning a 24-hour running event at Kannon for the same day.
  • F3 Afton running challenge is 1/9
  • The Gremlin is scheduled for late January
  • Idiot Run now March 6


A pleasure and a privileges as always.  Happy Thanksgiving gentlemen, I wish everyone health and happiness this holiday.  Be safe out there!

Andrew Rowe

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